Should I Go Out With Men Who Don’t Know If They Want Kids?

I’ve been adhering to your site and tips and lately returned to on-line dating following taking a limited split. I’m 35 yrs aged and went via a divorce a handful of several years back (no kids), and hope to have kids someday. Having said that, when I search through the match segment, over 50 percent of the men there have marked “Unspecified/unsure” beneath the want-kids class. This is accurate regardless of the platform (e.g, Match, eHarmony, and so forth). To be apparent, the readily available possibilities are Sure-I-Want-Children, No-I-Really do not-Want Little ones, Unsure/No-desire. For somebody like me who wishes young children (either biologically or via adoption), is it truly worth spending time interacting with gentlemen who don’t plainly say they want little ones on their profiles? I’ve had uncomfortable encounters presently in which I change down initial-dates mainly because I recognized they stated “unspecified” on their profiles. On the a person hand, I probably would not be this “picky” if I fulfill another person in man or woman at a friend’s dinner celebration or other social situations. But on the other hand, I truly don’t want to waste time on males who are seemingly ambivalent on this issue. I’d respect it if you can share your views on this, many thanks!


I’m SO glad you asked this issue, Nicole, due to the fact it is one particular I deal with specifically in Really like U and one particular that arrives up all the time for the previously mentioned factors.

And, as opposed to most of the concerns I solution, in which I’m striving to issue out a reader’s probable blind location, I fully agree with your evaluation of the situation.

Here’s how I see it:

There are males who truly, seriously want children like you do. I was one of them. I often desired to be a Father and was usually seeking for a woman who desired to be a Mom. This vision for your mutual potential is necessary for the reason that if you’re not on the similar page, you are not going to have considerably of a mutual upcoming.

Then there are males like you explained: it’s possible they currently have a child, perhaps they are undecided. There is nothing inherently incorrect with them. All people has the proper to be confused or ambivalent or to want to see if they get inspired by the suitable female.

The concern is when a female who knows she wants youngsters hitches herself to the prepare of the ambivalent male.

There’s a 50% that if people two folks drop in love, move in together and get married, that “unsure/no preference” guy will prefer NOT obtaining youngsters – and she will have unwittingly positioned her fertility on the line for a pipe desire.

So is it attainable that the other 50% of males DO determine to become fathers when they meet up with the proper female? Absolutely sure.

Is that anything you want to just take a opportunity on as a prospective mom? Hell, no!

You would not get on a airplane that had a 50% prospect of landing. Why get on the undecided train with a 40-year-old person who’s still figuring out his shit?

You wouldn’t get on a plane that had a 50% probability of landing. Why get on the undecided practice with a 40-year-outdated man who’s nonetheless figuring out his shit?

Adhere solely with adult males who know they want young ones and you’ll have a person considerably less matter to worry about when choosing if you are heading to shell out your life jointly.

Relationship is difficult. Really don’t make it a lot more complicated by investing in ambivalent men.

(Exact goes for men who really don’t know if they want to get married, by the way!)

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