PR and SEO – a double act with superpowers

The best superheroes have a sidekick. Just as Batman has Robin, so PR – the art of communicating your business to the world, has SEO – the craft of optimising your online presence so it’s attractive to search engines.

Most businesses know they need PR and SEO but often aren’t sure which to focus on, how to integrate them, and whether it’s really worth the effort. Let us show you how this dynamic duo can help your business achieve success.

Your business already has a PR treasure trove

Whenever your business does something newsworthy, there’s a world out there that would like to hear about it. Of course ‘newsworthy’ has two different meanings – the kind every business wants: good publicity, great feedback, winning awards and pleasing customers and the kind no enterprise desires: bad reviews, letters of complaint, unhappy customers.

Your organisation probably spends a lot of time making sure it doesn’t get ‘bad PR’, but did you realise that one way to avoid being a bad news story is to focus on the good news about your business?

When you talk about what makes your business worthwhile, whether it’s raising funds for charity, winning a major contract or being shortlisted for an award, you start to create a positive aura around your organisation.

Enthusiastic people will want to work with you, buy from you and be around you. Your employees feel good about themselves. That leads to more record-breaking sales or more contracts or more happy customers, and so the cycle builds on positivity.

Struggling to identify where you could be more newsworthy? Let us help you pinpoint and then highlight your uniqueness to the world.

What is newsworthy?

Probably a lot more than you think. It’s not just successes that count. Information makes great PR. If you have statistics buried in your data, pull them out and create an infographic. Perhaps you’re launching a new product? Why not script a little video to launch it on the world?

Does your company have decades of experience in a particular sector? Start a company blog so that you can share that wisdom and become newsworthy just by talking about your industry.

If you’re not sure how to promote your newsworthiness, talk to us about ways to optimise your social media.

Too good to be true?

If your PR is unfocused it won’t lead to many benefits for you. But it’s easy to be sure your PR serves you, and the wider audience, equally. Whenever you create something newsworthy, ask yourself what you want in return.

More customer enquiries? Better conversion rates? A better ranking for your website on Google? More opportunities to speak at networking events? Then tailor your PR to achieve that goal by using good calls to action, offering people easy ways to contact you and reminding them what’s in it for them.

Like a good superhero, you will create a better business world through your actions – and a better profit margin too!

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