My Boyfriend Is A Cuckold Who Wants Me To Sleep With Other Men

I am in a marriage with a excellent gentleman that I do enjoy very significantly but I’m on the fence.  He would like to marry me and expand outdated with me he states.


Our sex daily life is fantastic having said that he has this sexual fetish and I genuinely deep down wish he did not have it.  You say you understand gentlemen. Do you comprehend what guys Genuinely want sexually? This is Seriously outrageous and I don’t understand it. I have tried out. He says he is monogamous with me but he definitely loves the concept of me sleeping with other men on situation.  For example, when he normally takes a journey skiing with his dude pals, he likes the notion of me just hooking up with an individual for sexual intercourse only, no enjoy link and then telling him about it when he returns throughout sexual intercourse. He receives super aroused by this. Like I mentioned, it is a fetish.

What do I do? Should I split items off? Every little thing else is perfect with him besides this. I have not done this for him (only in fantasy). It seems thrilling and enjoyment in fantasy only. For me, flirting and hooking up in authentic lifestyle feels incorrect.  I don’t want to do it.  Yet, since I love him so a lot, I want to you should him.  

Do I want your class? 


Pricey Raye,

Your boyfriend needs to be a cuckold. 

Your boyfriend wants to be a cuckold.

Cuckolding is a fetish that is unusual but increasing (as evidenced by a doubling of Google queries for the expression). 

As with all fetishes, it only functions if you are comfy with it. And it is not my area to tell you to get snug with it (though there are numerous men who would value the equal of a long term corridor move from their wives). 

The intriguing thing about your query, Raye, is that I really feel your boyfriend requires far more assistance than you do.

On one hand, you can experiment with this fetish and see how it feels to get sexual satisfaction from somebody other than your boyfriend with no becoming labeled a cheater. 

If you really do not like it, you can prevent. If you do like it, you can proceed. 

On the other hand, you can stand your floor and not rest with any individual else. 

That places the ball back in his courtroom: what is a lot more important to your boyfriend, to maintain YOU pleased or to get his exceptional sexual fetish met by his girlfriend?

In essence, my guidance is to conduct you like the CEO somewhat than the intern. Instead of worrying what is going to make him pleased (which does subject), reframe this as to whether or not possessing this kind of relationship with you can make YOU joyful.

If it does not, then HE is the just one with the significant selection to make, not you.

And sure, that CEO way of looking at the planet is in my Adore U system.

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