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How to take proper care of your leather bags?

How to take proper care of your leather bags?

Are you planning on buying a new leather bag τσάντες γυναικείες– and you do not know how to take proper care of it? Or do you already own a leather bag and you want to know more about the procedures of its cleaning? We have prepared an extensive guide on how to take proper care of your leather bags and we are ready to share it with you.

It really depends on the use that you make for your bag, but generally speaking, there are some broad rules when you need to take care of your leather bags. There are also some other factors like the color and the type of leather of your bag but we will get to this later on. Keep reading to find out more about the cleaning routine of a leather bag.

During the use of the leather bag

First of all we need to make one thing clear; if you are not treating your bag with the right way, no amount of cleaning will ever save it. For example, if you are constantly exposing your leather bag in bad weather conditions such as the rain, the snow and the bright, hot sun, do not expect to make it better by applying some leather conditioner.

You need to be careful with your leather bags so that they will not wear off quickly. Believe us when we say that you will not want to leave your expensive leather bag compromised. You need to place them in a non-abrasive surface and not leave them on the ground as their bottom will wear off.

However, no matter how much you take care of your bags, they are encountering water damage, scratches and stains everyday. When you are buying a leather bag and you wear it for an amount of time, you will need to start cleaning and moisturizing it as soon as possible.

How to remove stains from a leather bag

In the unfortunate case that your leather bag will get stained, you will need to find a way to remove as much of the stain as possible. Sometimes it looks very difficult to do so but often you can find a way to reduce the level of the damage. It always depends on the type of the stain so we are going to get deeper into the issue.


How many times have you caught yourself eating and without wiping your hands reaching for something in your bag? It is not a bad thing but sometimes it is enough to ruin your bag. Let alone the hand creams that we put on our hands! In order to get rid of these stains you can bloat the spot with cornstarch so that it will absorb the grease.

Water damage

Water should not scare you as it often dries naturally and it does not leave a stain. You will need to keep your bag away from the rain and generally water, wine and soda spills. It would be better to apply a protective layer of wax so that the water could not penetrate the leather.


Let’s say that your pen is left without a cap and it falls on your brown leather bag. You start panicking right? Whatever you will do, do not try to remove it on your own as you will probably going to make it worse. It is better to leave your bag at the hands of a professional leather cleaner who will deal with the stain and remove it for you.

How to maintain the shine of the leather bag

With the everyday use of your leather bag, it is easy for it to get scratched up or torn. In order to avoid this you are going to need to apply some leather protective cream or serum. There is also the option of applying a waxy substance which will protect your leather bags from almost any stain. You need to apply a protective oil for leather fabrics so that you will maintain the shine of the bag.

The creams and oils should be applied every month or so -depending on how often you are using your bag-, so that they will be kept intact. Do not hesitate to invest on a good leather conditioner as it will keep your bag as good as new!

Storage for your leather bags

It might sound weird but you need to have a special place for your leather bags in your storage units (usually your wardrobes). We are going to give you an example of “bad storage” for a leather bag. Let’s say that you are not using your leather backpack, briefcase or purse during summer. Then you need to keep it somewhere safe. If you just leave it in a corner of your room it will get dusty and stiff due to the heat.

Another bad example is to throw your leather handbag -τσάντες χειρός-   in a closet with other items. You might find that your bag has scratches and tears all over it when you take it out at fall! In order to avoid all of these disasters, put some leather conditioner on your bag, stuff it with some old newspapers and store it in a cotton bag. And please remember not to put weight on top of it as it will ruin its shape!


Be careful of the items that you keep in your leather bags as they can be the cause of stains. What do we mean by that? Sometimes women and men are keeping several things in their bags such as pens,, perfumes, etc., that can ruin both the inside and the outside of your leather bag.

Women who use makeup should keep their perfumes, lipsticks, powders and other “dangerous” substances in a waterproof bag separately, so that in case a lid falls of your bag will be safe. The same goes for men. Anything that is greasy or contains ink (pen ink stains are the hardest stains to remove) should be stored properly so that your bag will be safe.

If you will follow our advice on how to take proper care of your leather bag then you will not need to buy another bag for years! Keep your leather bags safe!

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