Achievements – Recognition to KVK

* Gleam in the eyes of the tribal when he proudly shows the full grown tea and coffee fields tended by his people and his yearning to learn.
* The smiling children who are going to school for the first time.
* The adaptability achieved by the small farmer to change his crops and to experiment and take up to new methods of cultivation
* The school dropout, with no hope till yesterday, becoming a self-employed.
* Women who have learned to supplement the income of the family
* Earning income for two meals instead of starving as was often the position earlier.
* A wrist watch here, a terrycot shirt or saree or a sandal there.

Recognition to KVK

ICAR’s Best KVK Award for the year 1996-97 was given to UPASI-KVK. The award was announced for considering the best performance of UPASI-KVK in the following areas:
* Outstanding contribution as evidenced by extension output in terms of vocational training, on-farm research, training of extension programmes keeping in view the mandates of KVK.
* The impact of the institution in a well defined geographical area
* Assets and infrastructure facilities created in the adopted villages through increasing the income of the farmers.
* Innovative methods of extension / training introduced and perfected in the areas for wider scale use
* The linkage developed with the line departments in the districts.
* The impact created in the tribal area in terms of improvement in the quality of life of the people.




The award was presented by the Hon’ble Shri Sompal, Minister of State for Agriculture, Government of India in the ICAR Award ceremony held at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi on 16th July 1998. The award carried a cash award of Rs.50,000 and a citation.