Training Schedule

Tea Cultivation :

One day on campus training programme on ‘New Planting in Tea’

Agricultural Engineering:
One day on campus training programme on ‘Tea Tasting’

One day on campus training programme on ‘Exotic Vegetable cultivation’

Home Science:
One month on campus training programme on ‘Wool Knitting’

Soil Science & Plant Protection:
One day on campus training programme on ‘Organic farming’

    XV SAC

Home Science


The Home Science wing of the KVK is mainly focusing  on the empowerment of rural women and rural youth.  To achieve this goal, various trainings are conducted both at On as well as Off campus.



  1. To impart vocational –skill oriented training programmes to rural and urban youth and women to uplift the standard of living.
  2. To educate  women on nutrition, balanced diet and food preservation.
  3. To identify the potential entrepreneurs and to assist them in setting up their own enterprises.
  4. To train the women on drudgery reduction both in house hold activities and in farm activities.



  1. Women and children are vulnerable groups of our community therefore importance given to them
  2. Financial, educational and health inputs have a multiplier effect on women.
  3. The impact will be more marked because women play the dual role of housewife and wage earner.


Training on Tailoring

One month training programme is conducted to farm women and rural youth. A course completion certificate and stipend is provided

Women are involved in agricultural and allied activities, during lean months they need economic support other than the normal agricultural work. Hence this skill oriented training is promoted to support their family income.


Syllabus of tailoring training

  1. Sewing machine – parts and operation of the sewing machine
  2. Basic stitches – Hand and machine embroidery
Girl’s Inskirt, blouses, shirts, pants, chudidar, knickers, petticoats, half size and full size boy’s knicker – girls knicker





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